Things You Should Buy Used, Not New

The bad economy has been good for one industry...{} secondhand stores. The Association of Resale Professionals says secondhand sales are increasing 35% a year, at a time when regular retailers are only seeing gains of about 2%. Good Morning America has a list of things you should always buy used to save money.{} I'm sure not everyone will agree that all the items are "buy used" only.{} But what this boom in secondhand sales means for you is better inventory and bigger bargains.{} And no one can argue with that.{} The list includes:

  • Exercise equipment.{} Just think of all those broken New Year's resolutions and barely used dumbbells and machines stuffed in attics and garages.{} GMA says typical bargains are 50% to 75% off buying used.
  • Jewelry.{} After all, diamonds, gold and silver don't wear out.{} Experts say just make sure you're buying from a reputable seller and have the jewelry appraised before buying.
  • Think twice before buying brand new musical instruments.{} The expense is hard to swallow, especially if you or your kids are beginners and not sure you're going to stick with playing them.
  • And buying used maternity clothes really make sense because women only wear them for a few months.

Like I said, you may not feel entirely comfortable about buying secondhand on some of these things, like that last one, maternity clothes.{} But if you're looking to save a lot more than just a few bucks, buying used to definitely the way to go.What other things are better bought used than new?{} Check out the Good Morning America's story here.