Things You Shouldn't Buy For Christmas

Still looking for that perfect gift? Maybe there's a big-screen TV, computer or camera on your holiday list. They make great gifts, but this might not be the best time to buy them if you're looking for the best deal. {}Kiplinger is out with it's "10 Things Not to Buy For Christmas".{} As it puts it, "ten items that are even cheaper before or after Santa makes his annual visit."{} Here are a few of them:

  • If you hold off until January and February, you can usually find the best deal on TVs.{} That's when stores want to move them to make room for new models coming out in March.
  • The best time to buy that computer is on Black Friday or during the back-to-school rush in August.
  • The best deals for cameras is usually in late February after the trade shows announce the latest, greatest models.{} Look for 30 percent discounts on last year's models.
  • The best time to buy tools is Father's Day in June when prices fall 25 percent.
  • Winter outerwear is cheaper in February and March.
  • We'd all love that car in the driveway Christmas morning, but if you can wait a week, the last day of the year is generally the best time to get a best deal.

So those commercials and ads that tell you to "buy it now, you won't find a better deal at any other time of the year" may be true for some things, but for many products you're better off waiting if you want to save money.

Click here for the rest of Kiplinger's list. {}{}{}