Third Grade Test Results Released Today

Tulsa Public Schools released a preliminary list of test results of the Reading Sufficiency Act. Tulsa is considering the details, which show that 817 third graders could be at risk for repeating the third grade.Dr. Keith Ballard says the district did test special needs students which may have had an impact.{}"I'm not in a position where I am going to talk about blame. These kids come to school and they are not prepared with language. They have not had the preparation that other kids have. They fall behind. We take responsibility for that," said Dr. Keith Ballard, Superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools.The goal now is to check the list of third graders who scored unsatisfactory and find out any of them qualify for exemptions.

32-percent of Tulsa graders are at risk for retention. Dr. Ballard says that has had an effect on teachers.

"I have had direct email from third grade teachers who have told me, 'I am leaving the profession.'. I have had direct email. from third grade teachers who asked for transfer, this week," said Ballard.Schools are looking at options to assist third graders. That includes summer school and other alternative programs for next school year.{}