Third Graders Summer School Efforts Show Small Gains

Tulsa school administrators say they will likely retain a significant number of third graders who scored unsatisfactory on state reading exams.

About half of the 1128 students who scored unsatisfactory enrolled in summer school.

After four weeks of summer school, 470 showed up on test day and only 4 of those students scored satisfactory the second time around.

"These numbers are not acceptable," Tulsa Chief Academic Officer Tracy Bayles said. "They are not acceptable to Tulsa Public Schools. They are not acceptable to parents and certainly not acceptable to me or Dr. Ballard or anyone here."

About 20% of students were absent the week of the testing in summer school. All students, even those who didn't attend summer school, will have another opportunity to test again in August.

"I'm not optimistic about that," Bayles said. "We will be retaining a significant number of students."

Right now, she is estimating that more than 600 students will need a remedial year.

Bayles says the test students took the second time was a different and challenging.

"That's a different setting than what kids were assessed in the spring," she said.

Bayles says there are no excuses and the district needs to work to make sure the gap does not get this large by the third grade.

"We can't, we have got to insure the kids are learning to read," Bayles said.

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