This Year's Fall Foliage

{}{}{}{} Around here we expect our fall days to be crisp and colorful. That color coming from the leaves changing colors. But with the lack of rainfall and hot summer, what kind of fall foliage can we expect? The answer? The leaves on some trees are turning brown while others are getting their color early. In other words expect an early peak mixed with brown falling leaves.

{}{}{}{} Our current weather is crucial in deciding the fate of our fall foliage. How does it work? Autumn leaf color depends on two things: light and water. Leaves need light, water and carbon dioxide to react with chlorophyll in order to keep their green shading. When fall rolls around, the cool nights produce sugar in the leaves and triggers the veins to start closing off. In doing so, the sugars produce the different colors of the leaves that we see in the fall. When the veins are eventually filled with sugar, it closes off from the connecting tissue and the leaves fall.

{}{}{} Here's to a colorful fall!

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