Thousands Participate in Walk Your Child to School Day

It's something you may not think about everyday, but Wednesday police want you to know what it is like for your kids as they walk to school. It is all part of International Walk Your Child to School Day.

Many parents will drop their kids off or have kids ride the school bus to school, but this event is about raising awareness and making sure your child arrives at school safe and on time.

While the number of children hit by cars is going down, it is still more than 61 children everyday across the country. More than 500 students are killed every year walking to school.

More than 12,000 kids are expected to walk with their parents Wednesday, and that could help improve these statistics.

Parents are another part of the problem. They need to be careful when dropping children off. Watch where you pull up and be mindful about other children darting from other cars.

Parents that want to be a part of the walk your kids to school day, just park a few blocks away and walk with your child. It gives parents a little extra time with the kiddos and a little exercise.