Threats Prompt Caney Valley School Closure

The cancellation comes after school officials in Ramona have taken steps, following the Connecticut tragedy, to bolster school security.

"They installed a doorbell, they locked all entrances into the school, and the only way after the bell had rang in the morning that you could get in was by ringing the bell and en employee letting you in," said substitute teacher and mother Kami Asbury, approving of the decision to cancel school for Caney Valley Friday following some alleged threats.

"It's better to take precautions then not take precautions," she said.

Two juvenile males, between 12 and 13 were arrested at the school, prompting the cancellation and a press release from the superintendent, "I feel the safety of our students and staff is the utmost and paramount priority." The action, the second regional closure this week.

"We made the decision that was in the best interest of our students not to have school today," said the Bartlesville Superintendent.

Bartlesville schools were closed Wednesday after someone spotted two youths with a gun on school property.

"After the thing with Bartlesville they were already kind of scared," said Asbury.

Kami's kids are 8 and 11 and know the basics of the Connecticut tragedy. So how did she explain no school tomorrow?

"I let them know that school had been canceled, that a child from my oldest one's school had made a threat and that to take precautions they were not going to school yesterday. The 8 year-old was thrilled, the 11 year-old didn't know what to think," she said.