Three Arrested in Connection to Walgreens Armed Robbery

Desmond Padillow

Three suspects were arrested in connection to an armed robbery Thursday evening at Walgreens.

Police reports state that one suspect, approached the pharmacy counter, went over it, and demanded Oxycotin while brandishing a gun. The incident occurred at the 4561 N. Peoria Ave. Walgreens location.

He was given several bottles and then fled into a black SUV in the parking lot, the report states.

Police officers responding to the incident were informed of the identify and whereabouts of the suspects from a citizen. A report states they were also aware of a possible robbery occurring at Walgreens before it happened.

Tulsa Police made a traffic stop at 5200 North Rockford on the suspected vehicle and arrested three men, WIlliam Scott, Desmond Padillow and Meno Gilford. All three were booked on robbery complaints.