Three Family Members Die Violently This Year, Family Mourns

A Tulsa family is mourning the loss of a third family member killed violently this year.Mark Masingale Jr., 33, died from a gunshot wound at his mother's home Thursday night. He is the brother of Rebeika Powell and Kayetie Melchor. They are two of the four women shot and killed at Fairmont Terrace in January."I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. It's very difficult," said Masingale, Powell, and Melchor's cousin Megan Powell. She and other family members and friends spent Friday with the siblings' mother, Charon Powell.Channel 8 spoke with Powell off-camera. She said her boyfriend and Masingale had gotten into an argument Thursday evening. She said her boyfriend came into the house. When Masingale walked in, she said her boyfriend shot him with a shotgun. She said she did not think his actions were necessary and that Masingale would not have hurt him. She said she attempted to resuscitate her son.Police said the boyfriend remained at the scene. They released him. However, it is up the district attorney whether or not to file charges.Powell has lost four of her six children. One died from illness many years ago. The other three died within 10 months of each other this year."She's one of the strongest people I know," Megan Powell said. She said her aunt has relied on her faith to get through these painful times.Powell has been caring for her daughter, Rebeika's, four-year-old son. He was there when his aunt and mother were killed. He was also there when Masingale died. Powell said the boy spent time with his therapist Friday.
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