Three Individuals Arrested After Shot Fired in Downtown Tulsa

Kyle Diffee

Officers arrested three individuals early Friday morning after a shot was fired in Tulsa's Blue Dome District.

Kyle Diffee was arrested after he allegedly fired a shot into the ground just after midnight on Friday. The incident took place near the 3rd and Elgin.

According to the release, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper was patrolling the area when witnesses walked up to his vehicle and pointed out a silver car that had possibly been involved in the incident.

The state trooper proceeded to approach the vehicle where he made contact with the driver, Daniel Hamra. Diffee and Elizabeth Leonard also were inside the vehicle.

In his report the trooper said he asked Hamra if there were any guns inside the vehicle who told him no. During his questioning the trooper noticed that "Hamra looked down at the ground when he answered."

Hamra was asked again by the trooper in which he confessed that he had a gun in the vehicle.

The trooper placed Hamra under arrest and also asked Diffee and Leonard to exit the vehicle. All three were found to be under the influence of alcohol.

According to the police report, a witness told the trooper that a man with a beard, later identified as Diffee, had fired the gunshot into the ground. Officers also were able to find the spot where the bullet hit the ground and the spent shell casing.

All three are set to appear in court on March 7.