Three Propositions On November Ballot For Sand Springs Voters

It's a bond election in Sand Springs. Voters will be decide three propositions totalling 14 million dollars in improvements. The city is growing. But for the Sand Springs Police Department, not so much. Bulging at the seams is how Deputy Police Chief Mike Carter Police Chief, Mike Carter describes the 1930's building they're still in.

"Right now we've had to piece meal to keep the integrity of our property system," says Carter.

You're looking at one example. One of seven places that processes and stores the police evidence and property.
"We would like that to be upgraded so we have instead of many places we have just one place where property is kept.," Carter adds.

These are actually files from the records division, as they go out of date they get moved to the basement. Under the new bond proposal police and fire headquarters would be located in one central location with shared and upgraded facilities. It's also expected to improve response times.

"We have some larger facility's on the south side of Sand Springs. TCC is over the there, the armory. There are times an elevated fire stream are needed.

Eleven million dollars of proposition one would be used for public safety. Proposition 2 would rehabilitate the police building for other city offices at a cost of just under one million and Proposition 3 would include 2 million dollars for parks and recreation including updating playground equipment and adding two splash parks. The election is November 12th.