Three Retired Friends Celebrate Million Dollar Powerball Win

Three retired friends from Collinsville are still reeling from the million dollar Powerball ticket they claimed earlier this week.

Johnny Hall, Lester "Junior" Belt, and Bill Webb bought $300 worth of Powerball tickets last week. Hall and Belt were in Mexico on vacation until Monday. When they returned, Hall went to have his tickets scanned at Mo's Corner, the gas station where he purchased the tickets.

"The machine went off, she grabbed the ticket that it spat out, and she said, 'My God, you won the million,' and went to jumping up and down. I almost had a heart attack," said Hall.

The check was made out to "Coffee Buddies," as the friends enjoy coffee and breakfast together every morning. They begin at Kathy's Country Kitchen around 5:30 a.m., then continue to Hall's house.

Collinsville is reeling from the news. The owner of Mo's told Channel 8, he has seen many people come into his store recently inquiring about the winners.

All three of the men said they plan to share some of their winnings with their families. Belt has already purchased 160 acres of land for his granddaughter. Webb said he will continue to buy lottery tickets.

The men told Channel 8 the money is wonderful, but they have enjoyed celebrating with each other and their loved ones even more.