Three Suspects Arrested in Wagoner Co. Burglary


Three suspects were located and arrested by Wagoner County deputies less than 24 hours after allegedly burglarizing a residence in the area of Okay on Saturday.

Deputies say that two victims came home in the early morning on Saturday to find a suspicious black Ford Mustang parked outside their house. The victims then reportedly witnessed two males exit their residence, get into the Mustang, and leave.

The Wagoner Co. Sheriff's Office deputies located the Mustang in the early morning hours Sunday near the same area and notified an investigator.

Statements made by the male suspects, Jordan Ferrel, 21, and Tomatoa Avea, 22, led to their arrests on complaints of charges of second degree burglary. A female, who was also reportedly present in the vehicle at the time of the robbery, Mandy Majkowski, 21, was arrested on an unrelated felony warrant.

In a press release from the Sheriff's Office, sheriff Bob Colbert credited the quick arrest to the thoroughness, hard work and dedication of the deputies involved.

Bond on the suspects has not yet been set.