Thunder Fans Pay Tribute To James Harden

James Harden was the NBA's sixth man this season for the Oklahoma City Thunder.{} But he's tops for a group of Thunder fans in Woodward, OK.

Daniel, Chris and Bobbi Castor made a parody song and video honoring Harden.{} With help from some of their friends they used to Maroon 5 song "Moves Like Jagger."{} Their song is called "Beard Like Harden."

Daniel says he and some friends were coming out of Pizza Hut when they thought of making the song.{} His brother Chris helped him polish up the lyrics.{} Then they called their sister Bobbi who is in a band in Oklahoma City.{} They all got together in Woodward and recorded "Beard Like Harden."{}

Then on a Wednesday night after youth at church they shot the video in the church parking lot.

From conception to the upload to YouTube, the project took just one week.{} They say the response to the video has been surprising.{} The three expected something like 10,000 views, but as of Sunday night they received over 160,000.