Thunder Tickets: Would You Pay?

The world will be watching the{}NBA finals as they get started in Oklahoma City. We're learning that game seats are hot tickets-ranging from 1500--to 11-thousand dollars.

Channel 8's Kim Jackson says you will pay, if you plan to be in the live audience.

Most of us will be watching the championship games on a TV set.{} If you dare dream of buying a game ticket, you could pay thousands.

Would you do it?{} The thrill of the game has the Harvey{}sisters at odds over who will win.

"She's {}tripping really because{}I think Thunder is gonad take it. It's gonna be a big game," said Latisha Harvey.

They play together and work together, but they would not spend 5-grand on a ticket to the championship game.

"I would buy me a car, go shopping, a house. A house? Yes, put something down on a house. 5-thousand is a lot to say, oh I'm just gonna buy a ticket {}and go watch a game when you can watch it on TV," said Priscilla Harvey.

We caught up with two men who said they wouldn't spend that much either on the game.

"I{}could put a sprinkler system in my house put up a privacy fence landscaping, you name it. :42

Perhaps only the rich and famous will be on that lower level. But it's a game{}upper, middle and lower income levels will all be watching.

"You have two of the best young players in the last ten years with Durant and Lebron and their entourage. So you've got two great young ball clubs, high energy, fast break. You're gonna see amazing basketball," said Ray Hoyt of the Tulsa Sports Commission.

Maybe it's good for Tulsa's economy. Tulsans will buy food for a watch party {}or spend cash at a sports bar.

But if you had the money right in your pocket, would you go to the game? The sisters say yes.

"Yeah I would go to the game, yeah, if I'm good, most definitely, I'd go to the game."

The Thunder will play an exhibition game October 19th here in Tulsa. Ticket prices for that game were as low as 12 bucks. But now, those tickets could become more valuable.{}