Tippi Toes on Shark Tank

A business that started in the front yard of a Tulsa home could get a big boost. The owners of the Tippi Toes Dance Company go head to head with the sharks on Shark Tank tonight.Megan Reilly and her sister Sarah Nuse were in Los Angeles for six days to tape the show. The goal, to get one of the sharks to back their company and make their dreams a reality."We have really big dreams so having a bigger investor who might be able take an interest in our company and get us that television show that we want someday," says Megan Reilly.The idea to try to get on the show struck them at the same time."We were watching and the next day got on the phone and said did you watch shark tank last night and we thought you know what we might be able to send them an email just and just see if this is something they might be interested in," says Reilly.Brittany Friske, a franchise owner, says she got involved several years ago and is excited to see this company."I love that I am one of the first involved you know and even that I have seen it grow from just so little classes in Stillwater to now so many cities," says Friske.During the taping of the show Reilly says one of the sharks called Megan and her sister, "sharks in tutus." She says that's because people don't know what to expect from them."When you see someone like my sister and I you aren't quite sure that they are going to be the savviest business people so I think we took them by surprise a little bit," says Reilly.