Tips To Land A Job

The latest jobs report shows nearly 100,000 jobs were lost in September.{} While those numbers are discouraging to many, there are success stories.Good Morning America recently compiled some tips on how some people turned their long-term layoff into a job.{} Here are a few of their tactics:

  • Instead of flooding job boards with resumes, try to connect with people personally, and networking.{} There may not be a job opening now, but with persistence, one may open up.
  • Pursue temp work.{} The head of a local temp agency told me there are a lot of temporary jobs available in Tulsa, more than they can fill.{} A temp job gets your foot in the door, and could lead to a permanent position.
  • Pinpoint employers you want to work for, and keep in contact with them.{}{} Your target list may eventually hit the bulls-eye and land a job.
  • Keep in touch with people you used to work with.{} Maintaining good relationships with former colleagues may get you hired back by a former employer in a different role.
  • And here's another one that got someone a job.{} They were laid off, wanted to work in the non-profit world, but got no response.{} So they volunteered their time for seven months, and it turned into a full-time paying job.

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