Tired of Relatives on Thanksgiving? Things to Do in Tulsa

After tryptophan runs its course and the relatives wake up from food induced comas, this guide to fun things around town will come in handy.

If the kids are still riled up and you need a little longer to nap, check out Wreck-It Ralph, which is still in theaters. Kill two birds with one stone with this plan because you get a nap and kids get some laughs.

There are plenty of other great films in theaters to distract yourself with if the in-laws get to be too much. Life of Pi and Red Dawn opened this week with some decent reviews.

Or if you're a James Bond junkie (or, ladies, a Daniel Craig junkie), Skyfall is still on the big screen.

The final installment for Twilight franchise is also in theaters, should that be of interest to anyone.

If you're over Thanksgiving and ready for Christmas, Lights On! in Midtown starts at 6:30 p.m. at Utica Square and 21st. Celebrate the Yuletide spirit with beautiful lights and cocoa with the family.

Christmas tree lots are springing up with one located at 81st and Mingo. Bring the Holiday spirit inside and some distraction from the leftovers in the kitchen.

Whether you want to participate or just want to gawk at the participants, Black Friday is starting a day sooner for many stores.

Walmart, Target and Toys "R" Us will be opening their doors this evening. Get your game faces on because the Eve of Black Friday is bound to draw some crowds.