Toddler Reunited with Family After Being Found Alone on Brookside

A toddler was returned to her family Friday morning after police found her walking alone near Brookside.

Two women reportedly spotted the little girl near a carwash near 45th & S. Peoria. Both woman said that the 3-year-old asked them for a ride and they called 911.

According to police at the scene, the girl couldn't tell them her exact address. But she was able to show them where she lived and was reunited with her grandmother.

Officials stated that the grandmother had been asleep on the sofa. And the girl's mother was at work. But when offiers arrived at the house, both adults were there, sleeping and did not know the girl was missing.

The grandmother reportedly told police the girl has trouble sleeping, so she put a chair against the front door to keep her inside. Police told KTUL that the girl somehow managed to remove the chair this time around.

Officer said that the girl received no injuries while she was away from home. But she had been walking bare foot. Police gave the family a warning and made a report for future reference. If this happens again they will involve the Department of Human Services.