Too Many Women Die During Childbirth

Women are being warned about a stunning lack of awareness, when it comes to the dangers of child birth.

It's hard to imagine in the 21-st century, but far too many women are dieing in the process.

So the Merck pharmaceutical company is pledging half a billion dollars to deal with the issue.

We spoke with a physician and a blogger of women's issues, about the problem and what's being done.

Dr. Priya Agrawal, of Merck For Mothers, says maternal mortality is when a woman dies during pregnancy, childbirth or soon after.

It's happening it 800 women around the world every day

It's also big issue in the U.S., where 1000 women die every year.

In addition, severe complications take place every 15 minutes in this country.

Agrawal says people need to be talking about the issue, so Merck is pledging $500-million, over 10-years, to create a world that is safer for women.

Mother and Blogger, Emily McKhann of, says even she didn't understand the scope of the problem.

She's amazed that it isn't more prominent in the minds of women.

McKhann says, 1000 women dieing in this country every year is outrageous.

It turns out that 30 to 50% of the deaths could be prevented by good quality prenatal care.

The bottom line is we really need to raise the collective awareness of the nation.

McKhann says there's power in that, to save lives.