Top Five Areas to Avoid During Winter Weather in Tulsa

Certain intersections across Tulsa have become known as hot spots for weather-related crashes.

Anytime winter weather hits the area, Tulsa drivers are sure to find themselves in trouble when it comes to areas like 71st and Lewis or 81st and Yale.

And just this past weekend a portion of 61st and Sheridan was closed down. City officials labeled it "too dangerous" for traffic.

"No one wants to be that guy," AAA's Danial Karnes told KTUL. "You're off the road, you've maybe damaged your car [and] you're going to have to make a claim on your insurance. You don't want to be in that position."

Karnes added that when it comes to those area "hot spots" people are in a lot of danger. Usually because of the slick and hazardous conditions on hills and overpasses.

"Make sure that you're slowing down because worst case scenario is that you start sliding and we don't want you sliding into a wrecker or a policeman or a fireman and causing even more problems," Karnes said.

City officials want to remind area residents that these areas should be avoided at all costs.

"They just need to prepare to try to go around some of those areas sometimes and have a different route that might be a little safer when the seasons come," Leon Kragel told KTUL.