Tornado Aftermath: Tulsa Firefighters Tasked with Elementary School Rubble

About 39 firefighters from the Tulsa Fire Department spent the past several days searching through the rubble at Plaza Towers Elementary School.

That is the location where the medical examiner's office reports seven children died in this week's tornado.

Tulsa Fire said Task Force One arrived around 4 a.m. Tuesday.

"We've taken that school from a huge rubble pile, and we've basically dug it all the way down to the floor," said search team manager Keith Beck.

Oklahoma City Firefighters were the other half of the crew at that elementary school. Beck said the two groups worked 12 hour periods. They used search dogs to search for survivors and additional victims, but found none.

Beck said the OKC crew finished around 7 a.m. Wednesday, and said the school was "completely clear."

TFD spokesperson Stan May said the crew trained for six or seven years for an event like this.

"We've helped out in Joplin, but we actually got the chance to do it in the state of Oklahoma," May said.

TFD said while Moore is not necessarily its domain, they did not hesitate when called to help.

"If we have something happen on our side of the state, we know that they'll be coming up to help us, and so we just want to return the favor and come down and help them," Beck said. "That's what we train for."

That group of firefighters was composed of workers from Tulsa and some from Broken Arrow, Sand Springs and more. They plan to head back to Green Country sometime Wednesday.

There have been 24 confirmed fatalities from the Moore tornado.