Tornado Drill Prepares Jenks Students

Dozens of ambulances, fire trucks and police officers responded to Jenks Middle School Tuesday afternoon, but it was all planned.The school district held an emergency tornado drill where students played out real-life scenarios.It looked more like a nightmare but officials say it's a necessity. The drill started off with a briefing in the cafeteria but soon got very real.The intercom throughout the school wailed..."We do know that the building has sustained some damage as a result of a tornado."The screams were real, the tears was real, thankfully the situation was not. This is a drill and a glimpse into what it might look like if the Jenks Middle School was struck by a tornado. {}{}{} {}"As much as we prepare for this one, the next scenario or the next real life there will be some new variables in it," says Jack Myers, Chief of Jenks Campus Police. 400 students went through the motions, some were in the disaster zone and others were safe from the destruction. EMSA arrived and began checking in the students and taking vitals or in this case reading the tag tied on each student's wrist. One teacher says everything worked like clockwork, at least in this scenario."As far as the actual help coming it did arrive, I don't think we had the chaos and craziness that I would have imagined," says teacher and parent Rose Salay. They did have an audience, a group of blue vested observers looked on, pretending to not be there but looking for ways to get better.{} {}{}{}{} {}"Communication is one of our biggest issues, it always has been," Chief Myers says that's the one thing that can always be improved. "It's really scary to think about this happening because I don't think we can just wrap our minds around what would be happening," says 8th grader Emily Small. "I don't know if you are ever really ready for this, but I think as long as you are prepared and you know what to do or what you are expected to do I think that's all we can do," says Salay.The school district has done drills like this in the past but for other disasters like bombs, school shootings and plane crashes.