Tornado Leaves Stories of Survival

Spavinaw Tornado Damage

Residents in Spavinaw are cleaning up after a tornado ripped through their small town, damaging about 30 homes. Spavinaw is located about 45 minutes northeast of Tulsa.

David and Sherry Gallowich thought they had 10-more minutes to get to safety. The next thing they knew, their trailer flipped over on top of them and nearly crushed them.

Daylight showed the couple how they survived. Both were trapped underneath the trailer. Only the bulky furniture managed to hold the walls up, just high enough so they could escape.

"The trailer went over. He started hollering. I started to see where we were at, both trapped. The only thing that kept the main wall from coming down on top of me was a huge tv that my daughter had given me," explained Sherry Gallowich.

David got Sherry out.

Around the corner, some of their neighbors received a shock from the storm when the twister blew a trailer onto their home.

"I was standing on the back porch when it hit," said Kelly Dollard, who says he jumped back into the home and woke up his family. The trailer rested on the tail end of the house, without injuring anyone. The trailer, Kelly said, had been empty for about a month, so no one lived there.

Dollard says they will rebuild once they get the new addition, off of their home. And the Gallowich's say they'll move ahead too.