Town And Country School Is Ready For The Future

A Tulsa school for students with learning disabilities is now set-up for a promising future.

The Town and Country School has taken over the old Fulton Learning Academy from the Tulsa Public Schools.

The campus near 31st and Memorial specializes in students, who struggle in their regular schools.

Executive Director Loretta Keller says their students have issues that include things like Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD.

The school has grades 1 through 12 with no more than a dozen students per classroom.

The idea is to create a nurturing environment for kids, who faced things like bullying in the past.

Their old location featured several buildings, spread over 10 acres.

The new facility has double the space under one roof.

That provides a lot of benefits for the students.

It's a huge help to allow the students to spread out and have some room to operate.

It's the only school of it's kind in the state and the parents are thrilled with how it works.

Lisa Easley-Gage says her son is thriving in the environment.

It has been life changing because the staff treats the students, as if they were their own children.

Parent Heather Bates, says it's been amazing to see the transition to the new campus.

The lower, middle and high schools have their own spaces and that's really been a big help.

There's are dedicate library and cafeteria spaces and the whole situation makes her son more excited about going to school.

She thinks that's paying off in his overall development.