TPD Arrests Man After Couple Held Hostage During Home Invasion

Tulsa Police officers have arrested a man after two people were held hostage in their midtown home.

Officers arrest Dustin Sanders, 19, on two complaints each of kidnapping and robbery with a firearm/dangerous weapon, one complaint of stolen property and another complaint of interfering with a police officer.

It began Friday morning at a home near 39th and south Darlington Avenue in midtown.

Tulsa police said that the victims told them that two men broke down their home's door and barged in.

Sanders and the other man allegedly held them in the house at gunpoint for at least two hours while they rummaged through the home.

Police said the suspects then forced the couple to take them to an ATM to withdraw money. When they returned home, the suspects took a Mercedes station wagon.

The men told the couple that they'd leave the car at a nearby Burger King, but neither the car or the men have been seen since.

Monday, officers were following up a tip at the Savannah South Apartments, located at 4630 S. Darlington.

They confronted Sanders, who ran from them on foot. Officers caught up with him at 4700 S. Braden.

Detectives are working to capture the second person they believe to be responsible.

Police have since located the stolen vehicle behind the Taco Bell at 4703 E. 51st Street at 2:52 p.m.

Sanders will turn 20 October 16.