TPD Officer Saves Person from Burning Vehicle after Collision

A Tulsa Police officer helped save a person from a burning, mangled vehicle after a one-car collision after midnight on Saturday at 26th and Harvard.According to officers on scene, the vehicle struck a curb, lost control, spun into a traffic light and power pole and then caught fire.Upon arriving on scene, officer Clay Hicks learned that four of the five occupants of the vehicle had escaped the flaming vehicle.Hicks then was able to unlock the vehicle and grab the one person remaining, who was reportedly disoriented in the back seat.The traffic light eventually fell across Harvard, knocking live power lines down along with it.According to TPD, the driver had serious leg injuries and all of the vehicle's occupants were transported to a hospital.Hicks was not injured."It's always great to be at the right place at the right time," Hicks said.