TPD Undercover Sting Nets Two Human Trafficking Arrests

Ronald Spivey

An undercover sting landed two people behind bars in Tulsa on charges of human trafficking.

It all started last Thursday, when TPD's Vice Unit coordinated an undercover operation for prostitution.

An officer set up an ad on for escorting, a website police said is commonly used by prostitutes to advertise their services.

According to a booking report, a text message came through later that day and several texts were exchanged after that over the next several days.

The officer told the person on the other phone that she was 17 years old, to which he said, "he was cool with that," to get ready and that he wanted to take her to Dallas to work, police said.

The pair made plans to meet up and on Tuesday, the officer met the male subject, later identified as 47-year-old Ronald Spivey, at the McDonald's on Admiral and Memorial.

The undercover officer called the phone number she had been texting at the scene, and a cell phone in the driver's seat of the suspect's car started ringing.

Police were on scene and placed Spivey and a woman with him, Kimberly Haven, 25, in custody.

Haven said she was sent inside to look for a female wearing a pink shirt, and that she was "recruiting girls to prostitute," the report stated.

She also told police they had gone to the wrong location at first, a McDonald's on 31st and Memorial, before coming to the correct one and getting arrested.

Both Spivey and Haven face charges of felony human trafficking and list Oklahoma City addresses.

Spivey is being held at the Tulsa Co. Jail on a $200,000 bond, Haven on a $100,000 bond.