Tulsa School Board Approves Barnard Site Sale

Tulsa Public School officials approved Monday evening the sale of the land where the former Barnard Elementary School once stood.

Members of the Board of Education convened for a regularly scheduled meeting at the Education Service Center on 31st Street. One of topics of discussion was whether to authorize the sale of the now empty Barnard lot.

According to school officials, members of the board made a motion to approve the sale to Lindsay Development LLC. It's a sale that's worth over one million dollars.

Previous reports from KTUL stated that a spokeswoman for TPS said the purchase amount for the proposals ranged from $400,000 to $1.5 million. Among the bidders were:

1. Lindsay Development LLC - 18 single family residential lots

2. Three Bears LLC - gated residential subdivision

3. TMA Systems - corporate headquarters

4. PCA - single family residences and a neighborhood park

5. Barnard Land Co, LLC - single family homes and neighborhood park

The former Barnard school burned down last year leaving the Tulsa School of Arts & Sciences without a home for a couple of months.