TPS Concerned Financial Losses Coming with Barresi Plan

Tulsa Public Schools released a statement Thursday regarding the potential negative impact of State superintendent Janet Barresi's plan to use the Oklahoma State Department of Education activities budget.

Barresi plans to use the activity budget to fund teacher health insurance, and TPS officials are concerned about the effects that plan would have on the district's budget.

TPS estimates show that the district would suffer losses up to $477,132.

"This is premature," said Dr. Trish Williams, chief financial officer at TPS. "We would urge the state superintendent to go back to the legislature to push for the supplemental appropriation. What she has proposed is not a solution for schools. It is the responsibility of the legislature to appropriate the money to pay FBA costs and the role of the State Department of Education to allocate those dollars. This is the result of poor forecasting on the part of the Oklahoma State Department of Education."

Here are the areas TPS says would be negatively impacted by Barresi's plan: alternative education by $394,236, Oklahoma Parents as Teachers by $21,000 and professional development by $61,896.

On May 22, a plan to redirect the funds will be voted on by the State board of education.