TPS to Make Up School Days; Families Wonder About Impact on Vacations

Tuesday marks Tulsa Public Schools' eighth snow day and ninth day out of classes for the year. The district is deciding how to make up missed class time, and parents are wondering if their family vacations will be affected.

The district decided Monday to have classes Friday, March 14th. That is the Friday before Spring Break begins. AAA said many families had plans to use that day as a travel day for vacations. AAA said travel insurance does not cover school requirements.

"You've already booked it. You've already paid for it. Do you leave your kid in school, or do you go ahead and go on vacation?" Karnes said. That means last minute vacation adjustments could cost families.

With Tuesday's snow day, district administrators are meeting to discuss how to make up the missed day. The choices are lengthening a certain number of school days a small amount of time or adding an additional day to the school year's calendar.

"We're pretty aware of what parent concerns are, and we're real cognizant of, you know, wanting to be respectful of vacation and things that they may have already scheduled. So, we'll do our best to take all of that into consideration," said TPS Spokesperson Chris Payne.

Executive staff will make a recommendation to the superintendent, who will discuss the matter with the school board. Payne said there will likely be an answer in a number of days.

AAA said if additional days cut into summer vacation, families with booked travel plans will possibly have time to make adjustments that will not carry additional costs.

TPS is using that ninth planned day off for an education rally.

Jenks Public Schools has already made the decision to add an extra 30 minutes to the school day for a period of time to compensate for missed days.

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