Trailer Thief Caught On Camera

Located right near 21st & Harvard, Home Team Appliance has got you covered when it comes to washers and dryers, stoves and refrigerators.

"A lot of our new stuff comes with a ten year warranty," said Chris De-Bruyn.

But they do not sell trailers, like this one, their backup trailer, their bigger trailer, well...

"It's frustrating, actually," said Chri Bruyn.

Yeah, that one was parked out front on Saturday morning as you can see captured on their security camera right out front. Until around 6:30...

"There he comes," said Chri.

You are not looking at a Home Team Appliance employee.

"He's professional thief," said Chri.

And trailers, it appears, are his specialty.

"Look at that take a scout around, look around," said Chri.

In all, it took him less time than it takes for a new fridge to set up before he was driving off with a $2,600 trailer, leaving behind ill will.

"Well, i's violating when you know you work hard for your property and somebody takes it in about 4 minutes," said Chri. unfortunately these trailers have been really a crime of opportunity for many years now.

For TPD, footage of trailer thefts is unfortunately nothing new.

"We have watched that same video many, many times and that's very frustrating for us too," said officer Jillian Roberson."This is where the trailer was parked, right here," said Chri.

Back at the store, their workload has increased due to the smaller size of their backup trailer.

"A normal trip that we'd just do in one load we have to almost 3 times as long now," said Chris.

In their quest for justice, they've decided to offer a reward.

"I'm willing to put out a thousand dollars if someone brings him to prosecution and the trailer comes back, yeah, I'd pay that because I gotta pay another $2,600 for a trailer," said Chri.

Home Team Appliance, where customer service comes first, and catching crooks runs a close second.

"It just makes you want to just, I know, I know," said Chri.To contact them regarding the reward call 918-794-3340.