Train Crash Injures Grandmother and Grandchildren

A grandmother and her four grandchildren are recovering after a collision with their truck and a train near Pawnee.

Investigators say the truck was coming down the road but failed to stop at the railroad track. The skid marks were visible after the accident, and investigators could see how the train pushed the truck off the road.

"Looking at the scene right now, it appears she just didn't see the train coming," said State Trooper Mark Sparks.

Sparks says the woman was driving her four grandchildren to a birthday party. He says he arrived on scene amid the chaos. Three helicopters took the grandmother and two children, individually to a Tulsa hospital. Ambulances took the two other children to Stillwater for treatment.

State troopers say this should remind all drivers to look before they cross a railroad track.

State troopers don't know how fast the grandmother was going but say the speed limit on a county road is 45 miles an hour.