Trash Board Trouble

It's quite literally a dirty business to begin with, and now in a scathing letter from an insider, concern that trash isn't the only thing that smells funny.

"It's a convoluted mess right now," said councilor Bill Christiansen.

"I think it really needs to be looked into," said councilor Chris Trail.

Both of them reacting to concerns raised by Beverly Anderson, vice chairperson of the{}TARE board, chief among them, authorization to transfer $250,000 of{}TARE funds to the city's general fund.

"I would really like to know why this even came up, who made the request, because I don't think the{}TARE board just pulled it out of their hat," said Christiansen.

Anderson says a city attorney explained, "the $250K would go to the legal fund to pay for outside counsel required for litigation that is upcoming for the city, and free her to work exclusively with TARE."

"So using those funds to pay for legal services for the police lawsuit," said Trail

"In my opinion it's not the right thing to do," said Christiansen.

Anderson also criticizes general board procedure, alluding to back room deals and power plays. "This is not the way this board should be run. These practices have to stop."

"There's just a lot of shadiness, a lot of closed deal, there's no transparency," said Trail.

"I think this letter just enlightens the fact that we as elected officials need to look into what's going on.," said Christiansen.