Trial Begins for Man Suspected of Killing Two Outside Church in 2011

A jury trial has begun Monday morning in a Tulsa courtroom for a man accused of killing two people outside a convenience store.

Opening arguments are taking place at the Tulsa County courthouse in the murder case against Zane Atchison. He's charged with two counts of first degree murder, among other charges.

According to court documents, prosecutors with the case stated that Atchison was hired to kill Patrick Shawn. KTUL was on scene back in 2011 when the alleged crime took place.

Officers stated that it all began at the QuikTrip near 71st and Riverside, where they say Zane Atchison met up with a former classmate Kaylyn Kosofsky and Patrick Shawn. At some point, the three ended up in the parking lot of church.

Previous reports said Atchison fired shots into their car, striking them both. Witnesses said he then pulled Shawn out of the car and left the body next to his motorcycle, then parked the victim's car behind the church.

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