Tricks To Avoid Gaining Weight During The Holidays

Living great means watching your weight.. even over the holidays.

You can pack on 12 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So a nutrition coach at Lifetime Fitness has some "dos and don'ts" to avoid "rolling" into the new year.

Jimmy Wheeler says, don't go to a party hungry. Otherwise, you could binge.

Eat more protein and vegetables. Limit your starch and sugars.

Stay hydrated and don't "graze".

And here's one to try, set your fork down between bites.

Wheeler says, "You don't realize how fast we eat. We eat very, very, very fast. Just setting your fork down after each bite. And by properly chewing your food, you'd be amazed at how much less you eat."

Now, if you do gain weight over the holidays, walking or jogging can help.

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