Troops Come Home to Families After Deployment in Afghanistan

Some Oklahoma troops are settling in at home today, after returning from Afghanistan.

You may not think about Operation Enduring Freedom much, but fighting terrorism is all they have thought of for several months.

This day is something Oklahoma families have been waiting for. The Deshazo family could not wait to see the man of their house. So once that gates opened, and the 120th Engineer Battalion walked in, there was celebration. There was tradition, and a time to reunite with loved ones.

This group covered 200-thousand kilometers of roads, getting supplies to troops. Nearly 18-thousand service men and women have been injured in Afghanistan, since 2001 and Major Bryan Deshazo says he is thankful he made it.

"Just because you don't lose any soldiers or have any KIA, it is still a very dangerous place and any opportunity to be in harms way at any time," he said as he hugged all of his children who were carrying handmade signs to welcome him home.

His family is headed to Disney. The troops will take about 30 days leave to reconnect with their families and lives at home.