Truck Hits East Tulsa Home, Narrowly Misses Couple Inside

Tulsa Police on scene after a truck slammed into an East Tulsa home, narrowly missing the couple inside.

An East Tulsa couple is considering themselves lucky after an out of control truck slammed into their home, narrowly missing hitting them, Saturday Evening.

It happened just before 6:30 in the 5000 block of South 86th East Avenue.

Homeowner Jennifer Tate told, she and her husband were in the kitchen cooking dinner at the time. Tate says they heard a "loud squeal." She said they turned around to see where the noise was coming from and the driver "barreled into the side of the house," just feet from where they were standing.

The Tates made their way outside the house to find the suspect, who according to Tate, had a large "gash on his head," still inside the truck. She said it appeared he was trying to "get away" by backing his truck out. Tate says an alert neighbor noticed what was going on and helped to keep the driver at the scene until police arrived.

Tate added, it was "pretty terrifying" and that she's "thankful that he wasn't able to hit the house and take off.

Tulsa Police Sergeant Ron Kawano tells that it is unclear at this time what led the driver to crash into the home. He says the driver was transported to an area hospital to have his injuries checked out. Kawano adds charges are "not expected to be filed."

No word yet officially as to how much damage was done. The Tates are awaiting an estimate from their insurance adjustor.

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