Trucks Collide on I-44, Massive Fire Erupts

By the looks of the trucks it was a wonder nobody got killed.

"Fortunate thing is that the tanker didn't fully rupture and explode," said OHP trooper James Watson.

Rush hour, I-44 near the Kellyville exit. A dump truck that got cut off, ends up running into truck hauling gasoline.

"You see the result they both catch on fire," he said.

Fortunately there were just minor injuries, but there was a major backup as the highway was shut down.

"We might as well just prop ourselves up and get comfortable for a little while," said Kenten and Jerrod, area residents with a friend on the fire department.

"Yeah he's right over there, second man from the truck," they pointed.

With crews from Kellyville and Sapulpa, the fire was quickly contained, but the memories will be singed for a while.

"You wouldn't expect just to be driving down the road one day and see a gas truck setting there flipped over and exploded and everything," said Jerrod.