TU Athletic Director Ross Parmley Suspended, Suspected of Gambling

Tulsa Athletic Director Ross Parmley is on paid administrative leave while he is investigated for gambling.

The University of Tulsa has suspended Athletic Director Ross Parmley while he is being investigated for gambling, school officials said today.

The news comes just days before the school's big game against UCF in the Conference USA finals.

Parmley has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation, according to the school's statement.

Parmley was identified in an federal court affidavit in an illegal gambling case against suspected Oklahoma City bookie Teddy Mitchell. The affidavit details several of Mitchell's financial transactions.

One of the transactions is a 2009 deposit in the amount of $1,782 from Parmley, who is identified as an "admitted gambler" in the affidavit.

>>Read the part of the affidavit that mentions Parmley

The affidavit does not detail how Parmley gambled. NCAA regulations prohibit employees of an NCAA program from wagering on "intercollegiate, amateur, and professional sports in which the Association conducts championships," according to the NCAA website.

Parmley was named interim athletic director in October 2011 after Bubba Cunningham left TU to join the University of North Carolina.

Parmley was officially named athletic director in January 2012.

He joined the University of Tulsa staff in 2005 working as Assistant Athletic Director for Football Operations and Deputy Director of Athletics before being promoted earlier this year.

University officials said Executive Vice President Kevan Buck will be acting athletic director while Parmley is on leave.