TU Offense Fit For Evans

The Golden Hurricane have had some prolific offenses over the last decade. They've been fortunate to have some talented offensive coordinators who brought a lot of good ideas to the table. But over time those ideas, formations and plays have cluttered up the playbook.

"The whole thing formation and all it would be slot right, pop, brown, steeler, cowboy, going pink." said TU Starting Quarterback Dane Evans, "All that means is the quarterback is running to the left, but it's all these motions and stuff. But now it's just like you say three words, alright lets run it. The lingo is so much cleaner and we're all speaking the same language."

"I'm convinced that a player will learned a play, you can call it old brown shoe and you run old brown shoe enough." Said TU Head Football Coach, Bill Blankenship, "A player will tell you it doesn't have to be any fancy name to it. But when the next player comes in, the next class comes in, the next coach comes in, it's hard to learn it if it's all memory. The in and in itself is fine, but what we want is a system that will do a better job attacking all of the areas of the field on the defense."

Execution had a lot to do with the poor quarterback play a year ago. Dane Evans started five of the last six games in 2013 and played like a redshirt freshman. But as offensive coordinator Denver Johnson explains, he didn't fit well in the offense that they were trying to run.

"An offense is kind of like a Tuxedo. it better fit the quarterback." said TU Offensive Coordinator Denver Johnson, "You better tailor things to the quarterback because you've got to get a quarterback playing good. The guy that is wearing the tuxedo, it needs to be cut and fit and tailored for him. As we went from Cody (Green) to Dane last year I think Dane was kind of stepping into Cody's tux and it didn't fit real good."

"It will look more spread out. It will kind of look more like it did in TU's offensive hay day back in 2008 with Dave Johnson and all them. So I think it will look more similar to that." added Evans.

That Golden Hurricane team led the nation in total offense.

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