TU's Upham Discusses Role Reprisal, Next Presidential Search Begins Fall '13

Dr. Steadman Upham returned to the TU Presidency Monday. He said the university's previous president's sudden firing will not slow TU in moving forward. He will serve as president until the board finds a replacement. The search begins next fall.

"This is a very familiar space to me," said Upham. "I spent the last 8 years in this office working on various projects."

In his eight years in office, Upham raised about $700 million for the university. He resigned June 30th.

Geoffrey Orsak was fired from the presidency after 74 days in office. TU has refused to comment on the circumstances of his termination.

Channel 8 asked Upham if he felt students, parents, and donors deserved more of an explanation.

Upham replied, "I think the results are pretty clear. You know, we know where we are and we're ready to move on."

Students Channel 8 spoke with on campus echoed that sentiment.

"I feel like we're in very good hands, especially as highly spoken of as Upham was," said freshman Justin Moore.

Upham has agreed to serve as president for two years. He said he is prepared to stick around longer than that if need be. He said the board did not want to begin its search for a replacement as this year's academic cycle has already started. He said the board will begin to look next fall and that process usually takes between six and eight months.

Upham said he and his wife will not move into the Skelly Mansion but will hold university functions there.