TU Student Competing on Jeopardy!

"This is Jeopardy!"

For one week, America's Favorite Quiz Show is going back to college.

"I am nervous as heck," laughed Forrest Farjadian, a sophomore at TU.

Farjadian is one of only 15 students picked to compete in this season's college tournament.

"Well, first of all congratulations," Tulsa's Channel 8's Kristin Dickerson said.

Farjadian: Thank you.

Kristin: Are you just so excited?

Farjadian: I'm kind of out of my mind ya.

Forrest has been a fan of the show, since he was little.

"I remember my dad saying 'you should try out for the kids' tournament.' and I was like na' I'd never make, it I'd never make it," Farjadian said.

But when his college roommate suggested taking the jeopardy online test.

"I'm like uhh..okay whatever. So I did," Farjadian said.

And he must have done well, because he was invited to audition in New Orleans with the Jeopardy support crew.

"Contestant coordinators are the nicest, most caffeinated people you can imagine, so they make you feel very well at ease," Farjadian said.

Maggie was Forrest's contestant coordinator.

"Forrest was such a delight at the tryout. He's one of those people that when you meet him, you don't stop smiling for a very long time. He's got super great energy he's really positive and he was just ready to have a great time," Maggie said.

When Forrest got the call from Jeopardy inviting him to compete at the Jeopardy studio in Los Angeles, Forrest said he started coughing and almost threw up.

Totally understandable because it is a huge deal

Each week, 25 million people watch Jeopardy. 25 million!

"I know that I'm gonna be up there with the word Tulsa on my chest. representing my school, my city, my state, in front of a national audience. And everything I've ever not remembered you know all my teachers will be watching. 'I taught him that in the 8th grade. That kid, he was a trouble maker' so everyone's going to know what I don't know, I just wanna-- represent well, right," Forrest said. "I don't know if it's possible to feel ready, you know? they say you can't really study for jeopardy and that's certainly true."

He can't study, but he has been unknowingly preparing. Since the 8th grade he's competed in Academic team, it's a quiz bowl.

In high school, he buzzed in the answers to help Claremore win the state championship twice.

But the secret to winning Jeopardy was revealed to us by quiz master himself: Alex Trebek

"We have 13 categories on each show, and if we don't happen to hit three or four of yours-- categories that you feel comfortable with-- you're not going to do particularly well," Trebek said.

Kristin: What categories do you hope will be on?

Forrest: Uh, 'Potent Potables' because it's fun to say. And uh, you might not be able to tell, but I do love to eat."

At stake is a 100 thousand dollar grand prize.

So what will Forrest do with it if he wins? He already has plans, but his accountant father does too.

"He's already told me 'I've got a savings account set up for you.' I'm like um...why? uh but you know. I feel like I owe a lot of this to like OETA, NPR, and the Claremore Public Schools Foundation. So if I win the big prize I'm gonna be sending out checks to people who deserve the money more than I do, for sure."

So, go get 'em Forrest! Make us proud and bring home that 100 thousand dollar prize.

No pressure, but we will be watching. All 25 million of us.