Tulsa Athletic Director Suspended With Pay

University of Tulsa Athletic Director Ross Parmley was placed on paid administrative leave Tuesday pending further investigation into allegations of gambling.

During an FBI investigation Parmley's name was found in the files of alleged Oklahoma City bookie Teddy Mitchell. Mitchell is being indicted for operating an illegal gambling enterprise.

Parmley's name appears on page 75 of an 84-page court affidavit assembled by the FBI. It says Parmley was an admitted gambler and that he gave Mitchell a check for $1,782 to payoff gambling debts.

Parmley's Attorney Derek Chance was quoted by the Associated Press saying "I just want everyone to know that he is not a target or a subject of the investigation. But he has cooperated with federal authorities in the investigation of alleged gambling activities by Teddy Mitchell."

Ross has not released a statement.

According to a story in the Oklahoman, Parmley admitted to the FBI that he bet on NFL and college football games before he quit in 2010. He's been on the Tulsa Athletics Department since 2005.

An athletics administrator, not from the University of Tulsa told me Tuesday night that the NCAA is very up front with athletics department staff members about gambling.

This comes directly from the NCAA website: "The NCAA opposes all forms of legal and illegal sports wagering on college sports. NCAA rules prohibit student-athletes, and athletics department, conference office, and NCAA national office employees from wagering on intercollegiate, amateur, and professional sports in which the association conducts championships."

This doesn't come at the best of times for the University of Tulsa. This weekend the football team will be playing for the Conference USA Championship at Chapman Stadium. The Golden Hurricane are hosting Central Florida Saturday at 11:00am.

Another athletics administrator, not with the University of Tulsa told me they don't think the NCAA will hand down any sanctions against Tulsa. But gambling is a violation. So they would definitely have that option.

In the meantime TU President Steadman Upham has named Executive Vice President Kevan Buck as the interim Athletics Director.