Tulsa Businessman Wants To Change Education

There's a modest Tulsa man who's approach to business is benefiting this entire area.He's getting national recognition for his efforts.The U.S. Small Business Administration.. says APSCO CEO Larry Mocha, is Oklahoma's Small Businessman of the Year.The key is, he's focused on a lot more than his company's interests. APSCO makes air controls that operate the equipment, on things like snow plows and dump trucks.The family business provides 60 paychecks, but for him that's not enough.He wants to make sure businesses like his are going to survive.Mocha says that starts with engaging our high school students."Manufacturing has a reputation for not being so sophisticated.But things have changed.The average salary in manufacturing in Oklahoma $60,000 and that's pretty good."He's grateful for what they've accomplished, but he's not taking an ordinary approach to that concept of giving back to the community.His company houses several employees who focus on providing scholarship and internship for students.He's started a foundation is called OK-2 Grow. They're working with local school on every level, to help change education.Mocha says we need to slash the drop-out rate and get kids the right kind of training.He says if student learn the right things and graduate there will be jobs waiting for them.