Tulsa Chamber Pleased to See American Airlines, Pilots Union Agreement

A Tulsa Regional Chamber member told Channel 8 Saturday, the agreement between American Airlines and the Allied Pilots Association is "a shallow sigh of relief."

VP of Economic Development, Jim Fram, said the agreement was the supposed last hurdle in American Airlines' bankruptcy reorganization.

74 percent of the pilots union voted in favor of the agreement.

A representative from the local Transport Workers Union told Channel 8 in a statement, "The nine labor contracts at American Airlines have now been ratified. The TWU negotiated 'Me Too' clauses in all seven of the contracts with the American Airlines. We will gather information in order to do a valuation of the APA's contract for the 'Me Too' clause."

This comes as American Airlines and US Airways are in talks about a possible merger.

"We know that the company officials have signed nondisclosure agreements. They've had discussions. But beyond that, we don't know a lot of details," said Fram, "Obviously, we're very anxious to see the company come out as a whole company and retain as many of those 7,000 jobs here in the Tulsa region as we can."

Regardless of whether or not the merger happens, Fram anticipates growth.