Tulsa Church Helps Kids Read

There's a lot of concern, because too many oklahoma students don't read up to their grade level.But the answer may not be third grade testing or grades for their schools.It may be getting the community involved.This summer there's a lot of energy and activity at the Metropolitan Baptist Church, in Northwest Tulsa.It's because of a program called Project Transformation.The effort includes all kinds of classes, field trips and fun.But the primary focus is helping kids make progress with their reading.Alexis Carter, of Metropolitan Baptist, says the kids get exciting about reading and many go from picture books to reading full chapters.That increases their confidence and transforms the kids.She says "It's pretty incredible to see that it really does change the trajectory of their lives."Each child gets one on one reading help from teachers and volunteers.Project transformation is funded by AmeriCorp.So federal funds pay the salaries of 6 college students who act as teachers.The church helps, by providing those students with lodging and meals.One of them is reading coordinator, Blake Baker, who is an O.S.U. student from Tahlequah.She says she works very hard to make reading exciting.When the children make progress, it gives them all a lot of satisfaction.