Tulsa City Councilor Victim of Smash & Grab

It's that time of year again, when parking lots are packed and police roll out reminders not to leave anything inside in plain sight.

"It doesn't take a crook a minute to bust a window, grab what you have, and drive off," said TPD officer Leland Ashley.

This broken glass, exhibit A of just such an event that happened Tuesday.

"Never leave anything in your front seat, especially where people can see it," said Tulsa city councilor Karen Gilbert, also issuing a warning, since that broken glass we just showed you belongs to her.

"Holy smokes, what just happened?" she said.

And she wasn't even out shopping at a mall. Her car was parked in a library parking lot near 21st & Sheridan. In the front seat, her work bag.

"I debated the whole time as I was parking my car, and getting ready to go into my meeting, do I take my bag? Do I leave it, do I take it?" she said.

She left it, and sure enough, someone took it.

"Always be aware of your surroundings," she cautioned.

And this time of year, cops are more attuned to this type of crime.

"We do have additional officers out there, looking for car thieves and whatever," said Ashley.

As for councilor Gilbert, she may have lost her bag, but fortunately, she has a suspect.

"Mayor Bartlett. Oh, that is breaking news. Just kidding mayor, just kidding," she laughed.