Tulsa City Crews Say They're Ready for Possible Winter-Like Weather

Tulsa City Crews are keeping an eye on possible winter-like weather moving into Green Country over then next several days."We will err on the side of safety. In other words, if there's a 50/50 chance we're going to get something at two in the morning, we'll get our people in here at midnight or maybe even before midnight. Just in case, and we'd rather be safe than sorry," said Street Maintenance Contract Manager Paul Strizek.Strizek said there is $1.2 million worth of salt for the winter. That is about 15,000 tons. He said that is the most in recent memory, and it is due to the past few mild winters the area has had. There is also about 5,000 tons of sand.Strizek said the city is deploying new snow and ice equipment as well. He said the city has several new spreaders. Also, there are seven new pick-up trucks that have small plows. Altogether, he said the city has about 63 spreaders.The city is expecting this upcoming weather system to mostly impact bridges, if anything. Strizek said some hills can also be a concern with winter-like conditions. He specifically mentioned the area around 81st and Yale and also 36th St. N and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Clifford Willis has lived next the 36th St. North hill for 46 years."But this hill, I tell you like. It's like you're on your own. Truth or dare, you can't mess with Mother Nature. She's going to win," Willis said. He said he has seen people burn their transmissions trying to get up the hill in bad weather. He said he will be avoiding the hill during winter-like days.The city said it is possible it will incorporate salt brine pre-treatments to the roads in the future. It is essentially salt water. Strizek said the city has not recently pretreated roads with other chemicals because they have not been effective.Tulsa Public Schools expects to be in session Friday. However, a spokesperson said if there are any closures, the district usually posts them by 5:30 a.m.