Tulsa County and City Preparing for Winter Weather

Crews with the city of Tulsa and Tulsa county were already making preparations Tuesday for the winter storm, expected in the area, later this week.

Winter weather can be a major undertaking for road crews, so being ready for anything, they say, is their job.

"They're just fine-tuning a lot of the equipment, going through it, making sure the lights work and there's not any minor issues," said Tim McCorkell, street maintenance manager for the city of Tulsa.

He says, while it takes a lot to keep things moving during a storm, they are prepared with dozens of sand spreaders, snow plows, and tons of salt.

"It takes about 170 people to run a 24 hour shift," McCorkell said.

"We've got about 25 different vehicles across the county that we use for treating the roads," Chief Deputy County Commissioner Michael Willis says, the county's scope is a little broader. They are responsible for keeping about 750 miles of roads and around 200 bridges safe for drivers.

Both, city and county, have some clear goals and warnings for drivers in winter weather. Willis said, "We just want to make sure that, number one, emergency vehicles can make their way through neighborhoods and get to people who need help and then secondly, that people can just go about their normal business."

"Do not drive beyond the road conditions, because the accidents - that's also going to hinder our progress too, plus we don't want anybody getting hurt," McCorkell added.

Willis told Tulsa's Channel 8 that Tulsa County will be assisting smaller communities around the county that have fewer resources.